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The BFF Sisters : Jennah's New Friends (Suzy Ismail)

The BFF Sisters : Jennah's New Friends (Suzy Ismail)

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Author: Suzy Ismail.
Publisher: Amana Publications
Pages: 64 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Jennah's New Friends Jennah talks about her new found friends from different lands and cultures. At first she is hesitant and uneasy about their loyalty and friendliness and prefers to keep them out of her circle of close friends. However, after interacting with them, she realizes that her new friends are trustworthy and it is her own selfish attitude and jealousy that is hampering their friendship from blossoming.

Once these wrong assumptions are overcome, Jennah along with her friends, both old and new, form a Teenage Girls Club, naming it The BFF Sisters. The objective of the Club being to allow its members to share and develop their personal experiences and exchange their knowledge about religion and worldly affairs.


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