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Abraham : The Friend of God (Jerald F Dirks)

Abraham : The Friend of God (Jerald F Dirks)

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Author: Dr. Jerald F. Dirks
Publisher: Amana Publications
Pages: 305 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Abraham, as a prophet and patriarch, is called "the friend of God" in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic scriptures, and has a place of eminence in the shared scriptures and histories of each of these three monotheistic, prophetic, and Middle Eastern religions.

In Abraham: The Friend of God, Dr. Dirks provides Jewish, Christian, and Muslim readers with a unique and original presentation of the life of Abraham. In constructing a chronological biography of Abraham, the author integrated and synthesized information from a wide range of Judaeo-Christian and Islamic traditions, including the Bible, the Pseudeigrapha (I.e. Jubilees and the Genesis Apocryphon), the Qur'an, the authenticated sayings (Sahih Ahadith) of Prophet Muhammad, and the classic books of ancient history authored by Josephus and Al-Tabari. This integrated biographical sketch is embedded in a framework drawn from the various historical and geographical contexts dealing with different aspects of Abraham's life.


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