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Knowing Allah's Books & the Qur'aan : (Eemaan Made Easy Book 3)
Knowing Allah's Books & the Qur'aan : (Eemaan Made Easy Book 3)Knowing Allah's Books & the Qur'aan : (Eemaan Made Easy Book 3)

Knowing Allah's Books & the Qur'aan : (Eemaan Made Easy Book 3)

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ISBN: 1891229079
Author: Muhammad Al-Jibaly
Publisher: Kitab as-Sunnah Publishing
Pages: 103 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

This series addresses the Muslim children in the West. In ten books, it covers the six pillars of Eemaan and related subjects. This multi colored book regarding the Angels has been divided into many sections to further our basic understanding of them. The basic format describes what Angels do, their nature and specific Angels we recognize by name. Each book is structured into chapters and sections to enhance learning and help present the concepts in a way adequate for children at the elementary-school level. Each chapter includes exercises to emphasize the concepts, making it easy to use these books as reading and study material in schools.
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