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Chronology of Prophetic Events

Chronology of Prophetic Events

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Author: Fazlur Rehman Shaikh
Publisher: Taha Publishers Ltd.
Pages: 170 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

The author examines in fascinating detail the discrepancies between dates in assorted calenders - the intercalated pre-islamic, the Hijri, and the Julian calenders - and the days of the week ascribed to different events in the sirah of the Prophet (saw). He painstakingly relates them to the different theoretical attempts evolved by scholars to try to make sense of the contradictions, and then makes an utterly compelling case for the one system that makes rational sense of all the data. This matter is of more than academic interest, since it is directly related to the fact that Islam is not a type of middle eastern myth - as New Testament Christianity and Old Testament Judaismare are increasingly regarded by modern man - but a clearly historical phenomenon whose revelation - the Qur'an - and whose practice - the Sunnah - derive directly from the Messenger of Allah (saw), one revealed from on high by the Divine and the other the embodiment by the Messenger and his noble family and companions of that revelation under the careful guidance of Allah.


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