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Nationalism and Internationalism in Liberalism, Marxism and Islam

Nationalism and Internationalism in Liberalism, Marxism and Islam

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ISBN: 9694620023
Author: Tahir Amin
Pages: 106 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

The western world is moving beyond the confines of nation-states and towards the formation of a supra-national community. The Marxist world, threatened by ethno-national movements with disintegration, is going through a basic transformation and is in process of liberating itself from its intellectual legacy. The Muslimworld is caught up between two trends: loyalty to the nation-state and to the wider loyalty of the ummah. The cold war is over, and yet thanks to the clash of ideas and the conflict of ethnic and national loyalties the world might be heading for a major re-shaping of its political map.

Thie study seeks to come into grips with the dilemma of nationalism versus internationalism in three major traditions of the world Liberalism, Marxism, and Islam. The work underscores the necessity of a genuine international understanding and dialogue as a necessary step towards building a more peaceful world order.


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