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Wholeness and Holiness in Education : An Islamic Perspective (Zahra Al Zeera)

Wholeness and Holiness in Education : An Islamic Perspective (Zahra Al Zeera)

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ISBN: 1565642805
Author: Zahra Al Zeera
Pages: 186 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Critically examining the western, secular approach to formal education the author contests the value of an education system focusing solely on the intellectual and physical aspects of human development. The methodological aim and structure of this approach are compared to those of Islam which Dr Al Zeera notes gives credence to the importance of spiritual and religious factors, as well as scholarly ones, with the overall objective of forming a whole and holy human being who, instead of resisting the paradoxes of life, uses their interrelatedness as a means of personal and societal development. One interesting factor examined within the broader framework of the study is the area of female spirituality, an element, which the author argues, is vastly under-represented in prevalent Islamic literature.

This study is a holistic view of knowledge and a sociological discussion adopting an unconventional approach of using the authorís own personal experiences as the basis for debate and analysis. We are invited to enter the world of understanding and observation to experience for ourselves an unusual approach to dialectical thinking.


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