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Eternity Has Already Begun (Harun Yahya)

Eternity Has Already Begun (Harun Yahya)

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ISBN: 8178980150
Author: Harun Yahya
Publisher: Goodword Books (India)
Pages: 127 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Often the concept of eternity eludes man’s grasp. That is simply because, all throughout this life, his thinking has been bound by notions of specific times and distances. Even more difficult to understand is the reality that, in the sight of God, what is “everlasting” and, therefore, absolutely beyond reckoning has already ended. For the Almighty, the whole stretch of Eternity is but a single moment.

This book presents well-formulated explanations of timelessness, spacelessness and eternity, which enable the reader to confront an important fact: that eternity has already begun. Coming to grips with a fact of such moment will make one appreciate the omnipotence of God and the wonder of his creation.

Moreover, this book provides comprehensible answers to some frequently asked questions, such as: Where is God? What is the Resurrection? What is the true nature of death? Is there an endless life for man? And, what is the time span of such events?

This book is worth reading with close attention, for while superficial matters are normally the objects of human reflection, it is the “hidden” side of things, indeed the “secrets” of the world which, in each of its chapters, are laid bare from the incontrovertible standpoints of science and religion.


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