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Allah : The Divine Nature

Allah : The Divine Nature

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ISBN: 1870582314
Author: Sheikh Yasin Roushdy
Publisher: Dar al-Taqwa Ltd. (UK)
Pages: 112 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

About the author

SHEIKH YASIN ROUSHDY is aleading scholar and lecturer and a wellrenowned author in the Islamic World.He was born in Egypt and dedicatedmost of his life to the Dawaa and Islamicteachings. He wrote many books dealingwith contemporary topics as well astraditional issues.

He has generously given us permission topublish his book's royalty free as acontribution from him to the readers andto promote the science of Islamicknowledge. May Allah reward him forhis effort, dedication and generosity, andgrant him Paradise.

About the book

An uncompromising understanding andbelief in absolute Divine Unity lies at thecore of Islam and indeed any trueunderstanding of existence. Few books,however, present the matter so clearlyand coherently.

In this age of skepticism when the oldtheological certainties of the past havebeen all but totally discarded by thedominant ethos and when even Muslimshave become infected by the disease ofscientific materialism, it is refreshing tofind this restatement of the traditionalposition.

Basing himself firmly on the Qur'an andsunna, YASSIN ROUSHDY uses thestructure of the Ninety-Nine Names toPresent as complete and answer aspossible to the question: "What is Godlike?"

In the book the author also shows theimplications of the knowledge of DivineUnity for every human being. It willtherefore make fascinating and importantreading for Muslims and non-Muslimsalike.


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