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The Heart and Tongue : Their Sicknesses and Cures

The Heart and Tongue : Their Sicknesses and Cures

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ISBN: 1870582217
Author: Sheikh Yasin Roushdy
Publisher: Dar al-Taqwa Ltd. (UK)
Pages: 38 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

About the Book

The Qur'an speaks of the people ofparadise as "...those who bring to Allahsound hearts." (26:87) and the prophet,may Allah bless him peace, said in afamous hadith. "There is a piece of fleshin the body, the nature of which is thatwhen it is sound, the entire body issound, and when it is corrupt, the entirebody is corrupt, the entire materialisticvalues it is often forgotten by Muslims aswell as the non-Muslims She end theonly truly viable posses pureheart. The eminent Muslim scholar Yassin«Roshdy takes the opportunity in thissmall book to remind us of this vital factof human existence. Basing himself firmlyon the Book and Sunna. He looks at theheart and its window onto the world, thetongue; analyses the defects to whichthey are subject; and shows us how toavoid these dangers and purify ourselves.In so doing he provides us with anessential key to success in both thisworld and the Next.

About the Author

Sheikh Yassin Roshdy is a leadingscholar and lecturer as well as a wellknown author in the Islamic World. Hewas born in Egypt and has dedicatedmost of his life to Dawaa and Islamicteachings. He has written many booksdealing with contemporary topics as wellas traditional issues. He has generouslygiven us permission to publish his booksroyalty free as a contribution from him tothe readers and to promote the scienceof Islamic knowledge. May Allah rewardhim for his effort, dedication andgenerosity, and grant him Paradise.


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