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Divine Existence Versus Doubt (Shaykh Mitwalli Al-Sha'rawi)

Divine Existence Versus Doubt (Shaykh Mitwalli Al-Sha'rawi)

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ISBN: 1870582268
Author: Shaykh Mitwalli Al-Sha'rawi
Publisher: Dar al-Taqwa Ltd. (UK)
Pages: 59 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

About the Book

"Why do some people try to prove theexistence of Allah while others deny italtogether. What is the reason for thisextraordinary contradiction which existsdespite the fact that the human selfcontains something which innatelyrecognizes Allah's existence."

In this book the famous Egyptian scholarand television broadcaster, ShaykhMuhammad Mitwalli Al-Sha'rawianswers this question in his owninimitable way. Using straightforward butcompelling arguments, ShaykhAl-Sha'rawi brings home to theunprejudiced reader the overwhelmingevidence in the universe which pointsinevitably towards its unitary DivineSource.

Divine Existence Versus Doubt is thelatest in a series of English translations ofShayth AlShatrawi's work published byDar al-Taqwa on key aspects of theteachings of Islam and their relationshipwith the world today.


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