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Journey Through the Qur'an : The Content and Contexts of the Surahs (Muhammad al-Ghazali)

Journey Through the Qur'an : The Content and Contexts of the Surahs (Muhammad al-Ghazali)

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ISBN: 187058290X
Author: Muhammad al-Ghazali
Publisher: Dar al-Taqwa Ltd. (UK)
Pages: 580 Binding: Hardback

Description from the publisher:

Sheikh Muhammad al-Ghazali was oneof the most influential Islamic scholars ofthe twentieth century, both as an authorand in the field of Da'wa. Born atBuhayra, Egypt in 1335/1917, hereceived his schooling at the AlexandriaReligious Institute before entering theFaculty of Usul al-Din at the University ofal-Azhar.

In 1362/1943, al-Ghazali was appointedImam and lecturer at al-Makatabaal-Khadra in Cairo. He later became aprominent member of the MuslimBrotherhood and a close associate ofSheikh Hasan Al-Banna. During the early1950s he worked for the IslamicMovement in various capacities.Subsequently his work for Islamextended over many parts of Africa,Asia. Europe and America as well as theArab countries.

Between 1391/1971 and 1410/1989,Sheikh al-Ghazali rose through the ranksof the Egyptian Ministry of Awqaf, tobecome Undersecretary for IslamicDa'wa, His academic career includedspells of teaching at the universities ofUmm al-Qura (Makka) and Qatar: andhe served as a Chairman of theAcademic Council first of al-Amir 'Abdal-Qadir University, at Constantine,Algeria, and later of the internationalinstitute of Islamic Thought at Cairo

Sheikh Muhammad al-Ghazali publishedover sixty books, several of which havebeen published in translation. Probablythe most important is "Journey throughthe Qur'an" (al-Tafsir al-mawdu' li-suwaral-Quran al Karim). He received manyawards in recognition of his contributionto learning and Da'wa. He died in1416/1996 while attending a conferencein Saudi Arabia. Rahimahu 'Llah.


"Journey through the Qur'an" is the lastand perhaps the most important work ofthe Egyptian scholar Sheikh Muhammadal-Ghazali. Whereas previouscommentaries have always concentratedon explaining individual words and versesof the Holy Book, Sheikh al-Ghazaliexamines and explores the general themeor themes of each Sura in turn, andshows how they are expounded in thetext.

Drawing upon his profound classicalIslamic learning and an extensiveknowledge of modern science, Sheikhal-Ghazali has broken new ground inQur'anic studies, bringing to bear a freshbut wholly authentic approach. This is awork which all serious students shouldhave, to complement the classical tafsirsand studies. Indeed, "Journey through theQur'an" will prove useful to all, Muslimsand non-Muslims alike, who desire toincrease their knowledge andunderstanding of Allah's final Revelationto mankind.


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