Established 1997
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Inheritance in Islam

Inheritance in Islam

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ISBN: 1881963683
Author: Muhammad Abdul Rauf
Publisher: Al-Saadawi Publications
Pages: 152 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

One of the greatest concerns of every family is who will take care of its members after the father's death. In many modern societies, this question is left to the desires of the one writing the will and to its subsequent legal interpretations by interested parties, lawyers, and possibly even law courts. Muslims do not face this quandary, for the Qur'an and hadith literature contain abundant information on each family member's share, thereby making sure that everyone receives his or her fair share. In this short, concise account of the Islamic rules of inheritance, Dr. Abdul-Rauf provides a learned discussion of which relatives are eligible to inherit a share of the estate, which claims have priority over others, how to deal with specific special cases, and plentiful examples of how to calculate the correct shares.


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