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Deep Thinking : 2nd Edition (Harun Yahya)

Deep Thinking : 2nd Edition (Harun Yahya)

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ISBN: 1842000098
Author: Harun Yahya
Publisher: Ta-Ha Publishers Ltd. (UK)
Pages: 101 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

From the back cover: "Have you ever thought about the fact that you did not exist before you were conceived and then born into the world and that you have come into existence from mere nothingness. Have you ever thought about how the flowers you see in your living room everyday come out of pitch black, buddy soil with fragrant smells and are as colorful as they are? Have you ever thought about how mosquitoes, which irritatingly fly around you, move their wings so fast that we are unable to see them? Have you ever thought about how the peels of fruits such as bananas, watermelons, melons, and oranges serve as wrappings of high quality, and how the fruits are packed in these wrappings so that they maintain their taste and fragrance? Have you ever thought about the possibility that while you are asleep a sudden earthquake could raze your home, your office, and your city to the ground and that in a few seconds you could lose everything of the world you possess? Have you ever thought of how your life passes away very quickly, and that you will grow old and become weak, and slowly lose your beauty, health, and strength? Have you ever thought about how one day you will find the angels of death appointed by Allah before you and that you will then leave this world? Well, have you ever thought about why people are so attached to a world from which they will soon depart when what they basically need is to strive for the hereafter?"


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