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Women's Ideal Liberation: Islamic vs Western Understanding

Women's Ideal Liberation: Islamic vs Western Understanding

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ISBN: 9960792676
Author: Rukaiyah Hill Abdulsalam
Publisher: Abul Qasim Publishing House (1998)
Pages: 150 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Rukaiyah Hill Abdulsalam was born and raised in Northern California. A teenager during the 70s and a product of her society, happiness eluded her for three decades in spite of financial security.

In this book she refutes nearly every indoctrination her culture enforces. She contends that most people are unhappy for one reason, which has little to do with wealth (although many are convinced that lack of it is the root of their problems). In reality, it relates to the constant struggle to find and keep a path of harmonious life within non-Islamic structures.

It is her ardent aim to present the precious values a woman finds in Islam and confirm that not all one hears about Islam is correct. The book is a product of three years collective research, using well-known and authentic sources.


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