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History of the Prophets : Workbook for Qur'anic Study (Sophia Zohny)

History of the Prophets : Workbook for Qur'anic Study (Sophia Zohny)

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ISBN: 0892591110
Author: Sophia Zohny
Publisher: American Trust Publications (1991)
Pages: 39 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

This workbook is designed to make the Qur’an, the Book of Allah, accessible to students. It teaches them how to look up surahs and ayahs on a particular subject. By a series of questions it helps them understand the message of Islam. Allah sent this message to all the Prophets whose stories are related in the Qur’an. Worship of Allah and obedience to His prophet form the core of this divine message. True piety and godliness count in the sight of Allah rather than false claims to them. The message of the Prophets is as relevant today as it was in their times. It has been perfected and preserved for all times to come in the life-example and message of the last of these prophets, Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him.)


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