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The Speech of the Birds (Manitqu't-Tair)

The Speech of the Birds (Manitqu't-Tair)



ISBN: 0946621705
Author: Faridu'd-Din 'Attar/Peter Avery
Publisher: Islamic Texts Society (UK)
Pages: 560 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

6"x9"This is one of the masterpieces of Persian literature of which a complete and annotated translation into English is here presented for the first time as The Speech of the Birds. The text revolves around the decision of the birds of the world to seek out a king. Their debilitating doubts and fears, the knowing counsel of their leader the Hoopoe, and their choice of the Simurgh as king, is in reality an allegory of the spiritual path of Sufism with its demands, its hazards and its infinite rewards.


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