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What is Sufism? (Martin Lings)

What is Sufism? (Martin Lings)



ISBN: 0946621411
Author: Martin Lings (Abu Bakr Siraj ad-Din)
Publisher: Islamic Texts Society (UK)
Pages: 133 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

The decision of Sufi aims, psychology, doctrine and method is original (many previously un translated texts are cited), sensitive and readable. The mood of Sufism is conveyed here with a clarity that is rare, even unique, yet is done in a responsible, non-proselytizing manner’.(Review of Books and Religion)

It is an invaluable contribution to the study of the subject and may well become a standard textbook . Highly Recommended. (CHOICE)

‘He has treated all the most important features of Sufism with a degree of profundity andunderstanding rarely to be found among modern writers.’(Religion)

The book is a sheer delight to read, and is here recommended unreservedly to the adept as well as to the layman.’ (The Asian Student)7


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