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Adhan Over Anatolia: The Diary of an American Muslim (Marian Kazi)

Adhan Over Anatolia: The Diary of an American Muslim (Marian Kazi)

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ISBN: 0871410540
Author: Marian Kazi
Publisher: American Trust Publications (ATP)
Pages: 499 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

“What I have observed of what remains of the vitality of Islam in Turkey is merely a shell, or at best a dimmed mirror, of what has once been. Nevertheless, in what is left, one who views it with understanding and with the eyes of love can find precious traces of the characteristic, qualities and tradition which are purely Islamic, many of which are common throughout the Muslim world, coming as they do from one common source. One who approaches it with love can find such sincerity, such goodness of heart and such uprightness among many of its people, such inestimably valuable qualities and characteristics, that the heart almost break to think of the destruction of all this noble heritage. Turkey is a land and a people to capture the imagination, stir the heart, and kindle the fires of love for what Islam had imprinted upon the lives of its followers in the past and could do again in the future, with the help of God, if the Muslims are firm and sincere in striving toward this goal……”


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