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The Degrees of the Soul (Shaykh Abd Al-Khaliq Al-Shabrawi)

The Degrees of the Soul (Shaykh Abd Al-Khaliq Al-Shabrawi)

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ISBN: 1872038123
Author: Shaykh Abd Al-Khaliq Al-Shabrawi
Publisher: Quilliam Press (UK)
Pages: 76 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

This book unlocks the secrets of the seven degrees through which the soul progresses as it travels the Sufi path to its Lord. It teaches the novice how to transform the Inciting Soul, the lowest and the most egotistic of the self's manifestations, into the Reproachful Soul, which must then become Inspired, Serene, Contented, and Found Pleasing, until it attains the ultimate degree of sanctity and wholeness as the Perfect Soul. To achieve this progressive purification of the self, special Sufi practices, litanies, and attitudes of mind are recommended. Both practical and profound, this book offers a concise manual of Sufi teaching on the way to spiritual liberation.


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