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Islam and the Discovery of Freedom

Islam and the Discovery of Freedom

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ISBN: 0915957736
Author: Rose Wilder Lane/Imad ad-Dean Ahmad
Publisher: Amana Publications
Pages: 86 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Above all her achievement Lane was a powerful polemicist voicing the call for human liberty. Wide recognition of her talents in this role began with her 1936 Saturday Evening Post Article “Credo”. She also knew something about Islam, having worked for the Red Cross after the First World War, documenting their activities in the Balkans, Russia and the Middle East. Perhaps from the experience she gathered the insights that found their way into her chapter on the role played by Islam in establishing human liberty in her book The Discovery of Freedom: Man’s Struggle Against Authority. Although Mrs. Lane withdrew publication of this book because of her dissatisfaction with historical error in a book which she claims to have written in “ a white heat “ the annotation and commentary in this present volume demonstrate the truth of Albert Jay Nock’s observation:” when it comes to anything fundamental, Mrs. Lane never makes a mistake. She is always right.


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