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Science in the Name of God : How Men of God Originated the Sciences (Kasem Khaleel)

Science in the Name of God : How Men of God Originated the Sciences (Kasem Khaleel)



ISBN: 0911119701
Author: Dr. K. Arjram
Publisher: Knowledge House Publishers
Pages: 200 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

This book is a completely revised version of the author'sformer title, Miracle of Islamic Science.

Did you know that Muslims invented eyeglasses? Or that Muslims were far more advanced in knowledge in mathematics,astronomy, chemistry, physics, trigonometry, geology, andmodern medicine than their LATER western counterparts?(Later by hundreds of years in some instances).

The superlative achievements of the shining stars in Islamic academic circles is little known to the world, indeed even including Muslims themselves. Muslims know some odd facts or two, such as algebra comes from al-jabr, but this is the tip of the iceberg in the overall contributions Muslims have played in the diffusion of knowledge and practice in the world today.

This much-needed book fills the void, and educates of the expansive contributions made by scholars past. A tradition, perhaps now devoid and lacking in today's Islamic world, thrived in the years of our Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) and the following generations, producing boundary-less repositories of useful knowledge and erudition.


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