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Ibadat : Acts Of Worship : 3rd Edition (A.S. Hashim, M.D.)

Ibadat : Acts Of Worship : 3rd Edition (A.S. Hashim, M.D.)

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ISBN: 0686184149
Author: A.S. Hashim, M.D.
Publisher: A.S. Hashim
Pages: 73 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Book 2 in a series of 13 Islamic books for beginners. This book is all about the five Islamic pillars of faith. Each chapter of this book is dedicated to one of the pillars of faith. The chapters contain frequently asked questions along with their answers and the basic ways to perform each pillar according to Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) There are many Quranic Varese's included to support the pillars of Islam and there is also Quranic vocabulary to help the reader better understand what they are reading. This book is an excellent teaching tool for any parent or teacher wanting to educate their children because of the easy to follow material. Any new concert to the Islamic faith would also greatly benefit from this book as they try to learn the basics of their new found religion.


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