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Qur'an Made Easy (Shabbir A. Behlim)

Qur'an Made Easy (Shabbir A. Behlim)



ISBN: 0933511019
Author: Shabbir A. Behlim
Publisher: Kazi Publications (USA)
Pages: 68 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

There has been a tremendous demand for a comprehensive Yassar-nal-Quran for the Muslim children born in the west. Qari Hafiz Shabbir Ahamd Bhelim has compiled this version basing it on his life long experience of teaching the young children to read and memorize the Holy Quran. All the instructions have been translated in English for the benefit of English speaking learners and teachers including the parents who are not familiar with Urdu or Arabic as a teaching medium. This popular Yassar-nal-Quran is complete in all respects. All the phonetic rule and regulations of Quranic Arabic have been given including the Quranic signs for pausing, stopping or continuing. After studying the Yassa-nal-Quran, a child need not go through lesson by lesson instructions to read the Holy Quran. A young should easily be able to read the Holy Quran and complete it in he shortest time.


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