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Love and Hate For the Sake of Allah (Shaykh Saleem al-Hailaalee)

Love and Hate For the Sake of Allah (Shaykh Saleem al-Hailaalee)



ISBN: 189864909X
Author: Sahaykh Saleem al-Hailaalee
Publisher: Al Hidaayah Publishers & Distributors (UK) Publishing
Pages: 43 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

LOVE AND HATE FOR THE SAKE OF ALLAH is one of the great doors leading to the good of the Hereafter and a cause of tasting the sweetness of eemaan in this world . There are some people who think that loving and hating is an affair of the heart only and that a person in unable to have any control over it , so how is he able to cause himself to love and to hate another ? From that which is known necessarily in Islam is that the heart is to follow "aqeedah and emman , so whoever in Allah as his Lord , Islam as his religion and way of life (deen) and in Muhammad as the Messenger , then he must necessarily love whoever loves Allah , therefore loving and hating is an obligation upon the Muslim . Furthermore, Allah , the Most High , has warned us against going beyond bounds in these two matters so that we do not cause distensions and widespread corruption in the land , as occurs a the end of sooratul- Anfaal .


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