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Laxity, Moderation and Extremism in Islam

Laxity, Moderation and Extremism in Islam



Author: Aisha B. Lemu
Publisher: International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT)
Pages: 52 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Although this is a very important issue for us Muslims to address, paradoxically, it is an issue we seldom address. Why is it so important, and why do we seldom address it? It is important because it affects our relationship one another as well as with non-Muslims, and thus the spread of Islam—all crucial concerns from the future of the Ummah. Why then we seldom speak about it? Because to do so is to run the risk being abused, misunderstood and quoted out of context by people who cannot tolerate any opinion other than their own, even if that other opinion has a sound basis in Islamic teaching.

Brief as it may appear, and dealing with such a topical subject, this book is quite comprehensive. The author shows motives which produce the lax and the extremist types of people. Speaking the language of Hikmah, but making use of cogent arguments, she addresses committed Muslim youth with an open mind and suggests wise the efficient solutions to remedy laxity and extremism in society.

Easy to read, brief, balanced and enjoyable, this book is the first of its category to deal with the burning issues of laxity moderation and extremism. It is a must for and a companion to every responsible Muslim involved in Dawah work.

Even noon-Muslims, can greatly benefit from such illuminating insights on what a true Muslim’s attitude should be when fulfilling his obligation of transmitting the Divine message to his fellow human beings.


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