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How Allah Provides (Shaykh Muhammad Mitwali al-Sha'rawi)

How Allah Provides (Shaykh Muhammad Mitwali al-Sha'rawi)



ISBN: 1870582101
Author: Muhammad Al-Sha'rawi/Bewley
Publisher: Dar al-Taqwa Ltd. (UK)
Pages: 81 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

How Allah Provides is one of a series of books written by Sheikh Al-Sha'rawi dealing with all aspects of Allah's provision and attaining livelihood. This subject is of paramount importance since it involves that area of activity in which most of us spend the greatest time and energy. From Allah's gifts of air, water and nourishment, Sheikh Al-Sha'rai goes on to discuss the provision of talents, wealth and the various reasons why man experiences an increase and decrease in provision. Basing himself firmly on the book of Allah, the Sheikh gets to the heart of the matter and explains in definite and comprehensive way the details of human provision and the balance between the certainty that Allah is indeed our provider and the need for economic activity which is the hallmark of a healthy human society.


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