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Backbiting and Its Adverse Effects (Husayn al Awayishah)

Backbiting and Its Adverse Effects (Husayn al Awayishah)



ISBN: 9786035010306
Author: Husayn al Awayishah; Huda Khattab (translator)
Publisher: International Islamic Publishing House; IIPH (2009 3rd Edition)
Pages: 63 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

“Ghibah is not an easy term to translate- there is no single equivalent word in English, although it may be loosely covered by the term "gossip". Ghibah also includes back-biting, slandering, scandal-mongering, etc. Whichever word we chose, we cannot escape from the fact that Ghibah affects us all.

We have all been victims and - we must be honest - we have all been guilty of this sin. But it is not a matter to be taken lightly - gossip can wreck lives and shatter communities. If we seek to unite as Muslims, we must combat Ghibah. Islam is a practical faith which recognizes the human conditions and offers achievable remedies to the problems that beset us. Every human society faces the problem of gossip, and Islam shows us how to tackle it in a sensible and humane manner. (Interestingly enough, it is not assumed to be solely a female preserve, as popular notions would have us believe!)

Husayn al-'Awayishah has researched the topic in depth and has presented a concise guide to the evils of Ghibah and what can be done about it. This book may make for uncomfortable reading, but this topic is one which every one of us has to face up to.”


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