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Making History (Ahmad Thomson)

Making History (Ahmad Thomson)



ISBN: 1897940602
Author: Ahmad Thomson
Publisher: Ta-Ha Publishers Ltd. (UK)
Pages: 30 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

History, like beauty, is to a great extent in the eyes of the beholder. Descriptions of the sane events inevitably differ, depending on who is giving the description, and from which perspective; and interpretations of events are even more diverse, especially when they come from people who did not actually witness what happened. There are, however, two basic perspectives from which history can be (and in fact always has been) viewed whether it is ancient or modern, long past or still in process of taking place, in the library or in the daily media and these can be identified as the prophetic perspective and the kafir perspective. This book explores and analyses these two perspectives, and in so doing draws attention to what happens in life.


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