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The Path To Paradise : Volume 2 (M. Tahlawi)

The Path To Paradise : Volume 2 (M. Tahlawi)

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ISBN: none
Author: M. Tahlawi (editor, compiler); Jamaal al-Din M. Zarabozo (translator)
Publisher: Ibn al-Mubarak House for Publishing and Distribution, Message of Islam (1996)
Pages: 58 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher: A manual on repentence, to prepare oneself for the eventual afterlife, and aspire to paradise.

Table of Contents :

  • Introduction
  • Sincere Repentance is Obligatory
  • Prerequisites of Repentance
  • Sincere Repentance to Allah
  • Matters That Help One Repent and Continue Along the Path of Repentance
  • The Benefits that Accrue from Repentance
  • The Harmful Effects of Sins and Disobedience
  • How Do I Repent?
  • Actions that Wipe Away Sins
  • References for Part
  • Thirty "Causes" for Entering Paradise : Faith, Good Deads, Taqwa, Visiting the Sick, Honesty in Speech, and More

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