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The Hajj : The Muslim Pilgrimage to Mecca and the Holy Places (F.E. Peters)

The Hajj : The Muslim Pilgrimage to Mecca and the Holy Places (F.E. Peters)

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ISBN: 069102619X
Author: F.E. Peters
Publisher: Princeton University Press (1995)
Pages: 430 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Among the duties God imposes upon every Muslim capable of doing so is a pilgrimage to the holy places in and around Mecca in Arabia. Not only is it a religious ritual filled with blessings for the millions who make the journey annually, but it is also a social, political, and commercial experience that for centuries has set in motion a flood of travelers across the world's continents. Whatever its outcome--spiritual enrichment, cultural exchange, financial gain or ruin--the road to Mecca has long been an exhilarating human adventure. By collecting the firsthand accounts of these travelers and shaping their experiences into a richly detailed narrative, F. E. Peters here provides an unparalleled literary history of the central ritual of Islam from its remote pre-Islamic origins to the end of the Hashimite Kingdom of the Hijaz in 1926.


"Peters's The Hajj provides a clear and accurate picture of the organization of [Muslim] rituals. His book is ... sufficiently comprehensive to replace older accounts of the Hajj. By reading the sources it cites, one can follow the key rituals in some detail."--Robert Irwin, The London Review of Books

"A strong impression of the powerful impact of the pilgrimage on all who witnessed it."--Francis Robinson, The Times Literary Supplement

Table of Contents:

The Hajj:
The Muslim Pilgrimage to Mecca and the Holy Places

F. E. Peters

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List of Illustrations
The Hajj in Early Photo Documents
Ch. IOrigins3
The Religion of Abraham3
The Primitive Sanctuary9
Arabian Paganism19
Muhammad and the Hajj38
Ch. IIMecca and the Ways Thither60
Changes in the Haram60
The Paths to Mecca71
The Ways from Iraq73
The Syrian Hajj79
The Hajj Route from Egypt86
The Interior Arabian Routes98
Ch. IIIThe Medieval Hajj (1100-1400 C.E.)109
Ibn Jubayr on the Hajj in 1183-1184109
Entering the State of Ihram114
The Pilgrimage to Arafat (13 March 1184)119
The Umra of Rajab129
Medina the Radiant137
Ch. IVUnder New Auspices144
The Syrian Pilgrimage145
The Carriage and Care of Pilgrims149
The Bedouin Problem157
The Egyptian Pilgrimage162
Iranians Make the Hajj172
The Caravan as Marketplace in Early Ottoman Times180
The Red Sea Crossing184
Ali Bey in Mecca (1807)194
The Wahhabis in Mecca197
Ch. VThrough European Eyes: Holy City and Hajj in the Nineteenth Century206
On Making the Hajj under Pretense206
Charles Doughty on the Hajj223
On First Arriving in Mecca229
The Haram and Its Denizens233
The Pilgrimage of 1842248
Back from Arafat252
A Visit to Medina257
Ch. VISteamships and Cholera: The Hajj in Modern Times266
The End of the Traditional Hajj266
Arrangements Large and Small272
Getting There: Transportation on Sea and Land282
Health and the Hajj301
Ch. VIIThe Great War and After316
The Hijaz Railway316
Wartime Pilgrimages321
The Postwar Hajj331
The Wahhabi Pilgrimage of 1925


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