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Islam : A Way Of Life And A Movement (M. Tariq Quraishi)

Islam : A Way Of Life And A Movement (M. Tariq Quraishi)

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ISBN: 0892590556
Author: M. Tariq Quraishi (editor)
Publisher: American Trust Publications (ATP) (1984)
Pages: 221 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Islam: A Way of Life and a Movement is a collection of articles by several eminent contemporary scholars; it discusses the meaning and application of Islam in the lives of individuals and in society.

Excerpt from the Book:

The First Word:

At on other time was there more need for Islamic teachings than today. At a time when as Alexis Carrel / Man the Unknown / says:

Moral sense is almost completely ignored by modern society. We have, in fact, suppressed its manifestations. All are imbued with irresponsibility. Those who discern good and evil, those who are industrious and provident remain poor and are looked upon as backward. The woman who has several children, who devotes herself to their education instead of her career, is considered weak minded…Robbers enjoy prosperity in peace. Gangsters are protected by politicians and respected by judges…Homosexuality flourished. Sexual morals have been cast aside… (and thus) despite the marvels of scientific civilization, human personality tends to dissolve.

Ironically, when in view of the sordid affairs of the world the change is called for, it is taken for retrogression; and they who demand it are considered as abnormal.

None of this makes sense. Something basic is missing and is badly needed. At this time of great need, Islam as a complete way of life is not only needed for blessings or spiritual uplifting, it is needed for survival.


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