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Islam and Universal Peace (Sayyid Qutb)

Islam and Universal Peace (Sayyid Qutb)



ISBN: 0892590076
Author: Syed Qutb
Publisher: American Trust Publications (ATP)
Pages: 81 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Whilst in the USA Sayyid Qutb witnessed Western society and how personal interests dominate all aspects of a materialistic life full with a spiritual vacuum, Sayyid Qutb discusses with his deep and comprehensive understanding of Islam, the uniqueness yet comprehensive approach of Islam to establish a real, and everlasting universal peace.

How does Islam build the Islamic personality? What are the characteristics of this personality? What role does Islam play in shaping the society? What does the belief in Allah (The Almighty One God) and the day of judgement and accountability have to do with all of that? Why is Islam a comprehensive way of life that encompasses the human character and ethics, the social system, political power, and economical system? What are the duties of the individual and the state government? And what is the relationship between the state and religion?


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