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Iqra' Arabic Reader: Level 4 Workbook

Iqra' Arabic Reader: Level 4 Workbook



ISBN: 1563160242
Author: Fadel Ibrahim Abdallah
Publisher: Iqra' International Educational Foundation
Pages: 99 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Based on the 15 unit-lessons of the textbook, this workbook complements and supplements the material covered in the textbook above by providing further written and oral exercises and linguistic activities related to the subject matter covered in the Textbook. Besides, it teaches the learners the skills of summarizing, synthesizing, analysis and critical thinking skills.

Product Details:

  • Reading level: Junior Level
  • Publisher: IQRA' International Educational Foundation
  • Edition: Paperback 64 pages
  • Language: Arabic / English

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