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Ways of Staying Firm Upon the Religion (Shaykh Abdur Razaaq bin Abdul-Muhsin Al-Badr)

Ways of Staying Firm Upon the Religion (Shaykh Abdur Razaaq bin Abdul-Muhsin Al-Badr)

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ISBN: 9781944245191
Author: Shaykh Abdur Razaaq bin Abdul-Muhsin Al-Badr
Publisher: Maktabatul Irshad
Pages: 64 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

A small excerpt from the book (Ways of staying firm upon the Religion)….

The tribulations that the heart is afflicted with are of two types:

Tribulations of doubts

Tribulations of desires

As for the tribulation of doubts then it results from corrupt concepts, deficient knowledge, and weak insight. As for tribulations of desires than it emanates from (one having) weak determination, feeble will, low aspiration, and the souls inclination to its lusts and desires without concern for the limits of the legislation, and the regulations of the religion. The tribulations of doubts are corruption in knowledge, and the tribulations of desires are corruption in action. A person will not be upright upon the religion of Allah except by him being upright upon beneficial knowledge and righteous action, Allah said:

“It is He who sent His Messenger with the guidance and the religion of truth so that He may cause it to prevail over all religions.” [Surah as-Saff 61:9]

Guidance is beneficial knowledge, and the religion of truth is righteous action. The servant will not be upon the truth, guidance, and safety from doubts and desires, except by him adhering to this way and being concerned with it; beneficial knowledge and righteous action. Since this status and the matter is the loftiest of statuses, and the greatest of matters. Allah ordered His servants to adhere to supplicating Him to be guided to the straight path. Rather, He ordered this upon His servants every day and night; seventeen times in the obligatory prayer.

“Guide us to the straight path” “The path of those whom You have bestowed Your grace. Not (the way of) those who earned Your anger nor those who went astray.” [Surah al-Fatihah 1:6-7]

Those whom Allah has bestowed His grace are those whom Allah has combined for them between beneficial knowledge and righteous action.

Those who have earned Allah’s wrath are those who have knowledge but don’t act upon it, as Allah said about the Jews:“The likeness of those who were entrusted with the Torah, but failed to implement it is like the donkey that carries huge books.” [Surah al-Jumu’ah 62:5]

“They did not implement it,” meaning they did not act upon it.

The one who is misguided is he who does a deed and is diligent in acts of worship but has no knowledge nor insight in the religion of Allah.


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