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Polygamy - Lawful Wives Or Unlawful Girlfriends (Khashi'Haqqi)

Polygamy - Lawful Wives Or Unlawful Girlfriends (Khashi'Haqqi)

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ISBN: 9781874263289
Author: Khashi'Haqqi
Publisher: Al-Firdous Ltd. (2005)
Pages: 165 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

One of the religious issues that has attracted different opinions and is still under discussion nowadays is the issue of polygamy in Islam and the obvious questions that it involves, such as the wisdom behind polygamy and whether it agrees with the modem ideology and the necessities of the modem time, and most importantly the wives of the Prophet.

However, the reader will soon find out that all the problems that have been discussed and which have caused much pain and sufferance are only caused by the alienation of modern man from Allah's Guidance and Course.

Modern man has taken the wrong path and followed the man-made laws and western principles; or more precisely, he has embraced the western ethics, values and way of life instead of Allah's laws and Islamic principles. 'This leads modern man to look at polygamy as a strange thing and an unusual practice, whereas having different girlfriends becomes normal and acceptable.


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