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Singing & Music In Islamic Perspective (Shaykh Abdullah Al-Athari)

Singing & Music In Islamic Perspective (Shaykh Abdullah Al-Athari)

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ISBN: 9786035002707
Author: Shaykh Abdullah Al-Athari
Publisher: Darussalam Publishers & Distributors (2013)
Pages: 288 Binding: Hardcover 5.75 x 8.25 x .75"

Description from the publisher:

This compelling and beautifully researched book clarifies the rulings on singing and music and the harm they inflict on the heart, the individual, the family, and the ummah. It warns Muslims about the danger of these matters, which causes corruption and immorality. These things turn people away from the Qur'an, worship, and obedience - the keys to the beautification and serenity of the heart; the removal of all worries and distress; and happiness in this world and the next.
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