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The Islamic Education Series Book Four (Dar Al Masharie Co)

The Islamic Education Series Book Four (Dar Al Masharie Co)

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ISBN: 9789953200767
Author: Dar Al Masharie Co
Publisher: Dar Al Masharie Co. (2007)
Pages: 148 Binding: Hardcover 7.5 x 10.5 x 0.5"

Description from the publisher:

In the present time of social decay, the religious education and raising of the children is not as easy matter, especially because most schools do not place such education as their top priority. There is no doubt that such education improves the welfare of the children and results in their well being in this life and the life after.

As a result, the Islamic Studies and Research Division at the Association of Islamic Charitable Projects embarked on preparing “The Islamic Education Series” for our children at the elementary level and for all who are at the beginner level in their Islamic education.

Each of the 5 books in this series consists of 3 chapters that deal with: the Belief, the Act of Worship, and the Islamic Manners. In addition to this series, Quranic Recitation and Prophetic Biography are needed. The AICP has its series of Islamic History for children and beginners. Tajwid is taught at the Islamic Education Schools of AICP.


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