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It's All About Islam: Level 8 (Yahiya Emerick)

It's All About Islam: Level 8 (Yahiya Emerick)

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ISBN: 9781933269153
Author: Yahiya Emerick
Publisher: Noorart, Inc. (2014)
Pages: 320 Binding: Paperback 8.5 x 11 x 1"

Description from the publisher:

It’s All About Islam:It’s ALL About Islam is a three-part- Islamic Studies series in English, designed for Middle School students (grades 6—8) attending Islamic schools in the West. Muslim children raised in Western societies can benefit from relevance and logic in their studies. Muslim students respond well to teaching methods that differ from the more traditional approaches used in many Muslim societies. Students learn best when the language and style of teaching are both engaging and enjoyable.It’s ALL About Islam approaches Islamic Studies and the Holy Qur’an with new insights that are relevant to today’s world. The textbooks in this series contain enriching age - appropriate discussions about Islamic beliefs, history, culture, geography, law and Muslim achievements. Each discussion is explored within the realm of the current Muslim experience in the West.It has been reviewed and edited by educational specialists. It has also been authenticated by Islamic scholars in accordance with the Quran and Sunnah. It is suitable for Muslim full-time and weekend schools, homeschoolers, adult study classes, independent learners and anyone interested in knowing more about Islam.

This study series features:Fresh, vivid design with eye-catching color graphics and images.Lesson Units: Thinking to Learn, Vocabulary Words, Skill Builders, Questions and Review Exercises.Engaging dialogue and narrative storytelling.Highlighted Vocabulary Words (285 words) in Arabic with English meaning that includes a glossary for easy reference and study. Plus, free access to audio-recordings on our website for all of the Arabic words.Reference citations of Qur’an (over 300 ayaat) and Ahadith (more than 45 Hadith) in Arabic with English meaning. Plus, free access to audio-recordings on our website of the Qur’anic ayaat and Ahadith.Extensive resource listing of enrichment materials.Extensive reference listings of words and vocabulary in index and glossary sections.Workbooks accompany the student textbooks for further practical application of the information presented.


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