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The Spirit of Islam : Doctrine and Teachings (Afif A Tabbarah)

The Spirit of Islam : Doctrine and Teachings (Afif A Tabbarah)

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ISBN: 9780866850292
Author: Afif A Tabbarah
Publisher: Afif A Tabbarah (1978)
Pages: 479 Binding: Paperback 4.5 x 7.25 x 1"

Description from the publisher:

This is an English version of Mr. Tabbarahís book Rouh ad-Din al-Islami after the success it has achieved in Arabic throughout the 26 editions issued of it till now.

Through consultation with the translator and reviser, Mr. Tabbarah made some omissions here and there of the Arabic original, for the sake of brevity and improvement; he also added some material to the English version for further clarification. To this effect, the order of chapters was modified and the sequence of the material changed.

The basic aims of this comprehensive book are:

1) to expound fully the principles, doctrines and morals of Islam, in the light of the progress achieved by modern civilization, and show how the message of Islam keeps up with real advancement and never obstructs its way.2) To prove that the Quran is a divine revelation, and confirmation of Muhammadís prophethood.


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