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God Loves Us All (Hacer Azman)

God Loves Us All (Hacer Azman)

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ISBN: 9781597842334
Author: Hacer Azman
Publisher: Tughra Books (2010)
Pages: 103 Binding: Hardcover 8.75 x 9 x 0.5"

Description from the publisher:

In this colorful story book, Ahmad and Aisha, who have recently moved to a lovely small town with their parents, discover the farm life. They learn new things about nature as they are introduced to the chickens Chook and Chick, Spotty the calf, Bizzy Bee, the grapevine, and the linden tree. With their new friends, Ahmad and Aisha become aware of the beauties we are granted in our lives and they learn how to appreciate the many blessings we more often than not tend to ignore.


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