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Smoking: Intoxicants & Narcotics 2nd Edition (Muhammad Bin Mustafa al-Jibaly)

Smoking: Intoxicants & Narcotics 2nd Edition (Muhammad Bin Mustafa al-Jibaly)

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ISBN: 9781891229923
Author: Muhammad Bin Mustafa al-Jibaly
Publisher: Al-Kitaab & as-Sunnah Publishing (2012)
Pages: 145 Binding: Paperback 5.5 x 8.5 x 0.5"

Description from the publisher:

The purpose of this series, Enter in to Islam Completely, is to present some unduly belittled issues, prove their value, and discuss their regulations.

This book deals with the epidemic of smoking, which enslaves many of today's Muslims, and which is aggravated by that most victims belittle its dangers and deny its prohibition.

This book includes a discussions of intoxicants, establishing the prohibition of various practices associated with them, as well as penalties (in both lives) for those who partake in them.

This book also includes a discussion of narcotics, with an overview of marijuana and qat (or khat). Based on their established effects and harms, we conclude that narcotics are strongly prohibited, except in very limited medical settings.

This book, we hope, will provide many Muslims with guidance toward a healthier, cleaner and worthies Islamic personality.


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