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Eric and Derrick (Hümeyra Coskun)

Eric and Derrick (Hümeyra Coskun)

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ISBN: 9781597842327
Author: Hümeyra Coskun
Publisher: Tughra Books (2011)
Pages: 136 Binding: Hardcover 5.5 x 8.5 x 0.75"

Description from the publisher:

Ladybug Eric and his best friend Derrick live in a beautiful forest. They have many adventures together. After every adventure, they learn something new. Sometimes they upset each other, but eventually they understand their mistake and make up with each other.

A series of fables of a wonderful friendship:

- A Great FriendshipEric and Derrick set off on a long journey without asking their parents. But they aren’t aware of the dangers awaiting them.

- The Blue HarmonicaEric and Derrick take part in the annual harmonica competition. During the competition, Eric does the right thing because his conscience starts to bother him.

- Final RegretsEric and Derrick don’t listen to their mothers and become sick. Eric finds himself in a situation that he doesn’t like at all because of his mistake.

- The Lost BookThe two friends fall out over a lost book. But later that evening the truth comes out.

- The Forest FireEric and Derrick have a race in the woods. But Eric is surrounded by smoke in the middle of a forest fire

- The Red CoatEric’s parents but him a coat that he really loves. But after a while he doesn’t like it and want to get rid of it. Eventually Eric understands that he has made a mistake.


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