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Advices of Abu Ad-Dardaa (Shaykh Saalih ibn Abdul Aziz Aali Shaykh)

Advices of Abu Ad-Dardaa (Shaykh Saalih ibn Abdul Aziz Aali Shaykh)

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ISBN: 9781467587563
Author: Shaykh Saalih ibn Abdul Aziz Aali Shaykh
Publisher: Maktabatul-Irshad Publications (September 2013)
Pages: 76 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

The name Abu Ad-Dardaa’ Al-Ansaaree Al-Khazrajee was ‘Uwaymir ibn Zayd ibn Qays, and it was also said that his name was ‘Uwaymir bin ‘Aamir. He accepted Islam on the day of Badr, may Allah be pleased with him, and participated in the battle of Uhad and the battles after that.

Uam ibn Al-Khattaab, may Allah be pleased with him, paid him a stipend of four hundred (or their currency) per month, because the companions were given stipends based on their precedence in Islam. Umar gave those who participated in the two battles of Badr for hundred per month and he included Abu Ad-Dardaa’ with those who participated in both battles of Badr.

Adh-Dhahabee said in his biography of Abu Ad-Dardaa’, : “Abu Ad-Dardaa’was an Imam to be followed, the judge of Damascus, the wise man of this Ummah and the best of the reciters of Damascus.

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