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Are We Muslims? (Shaikh Muhammad Qutb)

Are We Muslims? (Shaikh Muhammad Qutb)

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ISBN: 9781874263357
Author: Shaikh Muhammad Qutb
Publisher: Al-Firdous Ltd (2013)
Pages: 180 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Why has Islam, once the excellent model of human life, degenerated into sheer mechanical gestures that are sometimes performed through simple ‘intention’ (an-niyya) or not performed at all? It is pathetic to hear our identity as being true Muslims.

Why has Islam, once the fairest constitution on the face of the Earth the governed the economic, social, political, spiritual, ideological, emotional, and behavioral life of the Muslim man, been reduced to a mere host of emotions that are divorced with reality? A Muslim person may – if ever – be impregnated with these emotions whilst living in the so-called Muslim society, yet he is neither moved by evil acts he witnesses nor feels the urge to stop them. A Muslim person may – if ever- be infused with these emotions, yet he ironically does not behave like a Muslims both in his private and public life.


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