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The Methodology of Seeking Knowledge (Sheikh Salih Ibn Abdul Aziz Ali Sheikh)

The Methodology of Seeking Knowledge (Sheikh Salih Ibn Abdul Aziz Ali Sheikh)

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ISBN: None
Author: Sheikh Salih Ibn Abdul Aziz Ali Sheikh; Abu Zubair Shadeed Muhammad (translator)
Publisher: Al Asaasi Publications (June 2009)
Pages: 48 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Many young students of knowledge read variety of different books today, at times relating to Hadeeth (i.e. Qur’anic Interpretations) or Fiqh (i.e. Jurisprudence). They listen to many lectures and attend the circles of knowledge, but if they would stop for a moment and re-evaluate themselves they would realize that, although some of them attend these lectures for a whole year and some for two years, they never fully comprehended these lectures they were attending, or they would realize that the benefit was not productive as they anticipated.

This is because they did not acquire a strong knowledge based foundation before attending these lectures. This foundation would have allowed them to properly format, process and comprehend the information they were absorbing, and would have enabled them to pursue the correct path when seeking knowledge. Hence, the sole reason for this deficiency in their comprehension and understanding is the lack of a precise systematic knowledge based methodology when seeking knowledge.


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