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The Obligation of Repenting to Allah (Shaykh 'Abdul Azeez bin 'Abdillah bin Baaz)

The Obligation of Repenting to Allah (Shaykh 'Abdul Azeez bin 'Abdillah bin Baaz)

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ISBN: 9781467518871
Author: Shaykh 'Abdul Azeez bin 'Abdillah bin Baaz; Abu Sulaymaan Muhammad Abdul 'Azim bin Baker (translator)
Publisher: Maktabatulirshad Publications (January 2013)
Pages: 38 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Verily, Allah by His extensive wisdom, irrefutable record (account), and His all-encompassing knowledge of everything He puts His slaves through tests in times of ease and hardship, difficult moments and comfort, by way of blessings and punishment.

For the purpose of testing the servant’s degree of patience and level of gratitude, so whomever demonstrates patience in times or trials and gratitude in moments of ease beseeching Allah the One free of imperfection in times of crisis.

Complaining to Allah only about his sins as well as his shortcomings, supplicating to Allah to shower him with His mercy and pardoning. The slave is granted success in every way and additionally being granted a pleasant ending.


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