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The Obligation of Verifying News (Sheikh Dr. Saleh ibn Fawzan ibn Abdullah Al-Fawzaan)

The Obligation of Verifying News (Sheikh Dr. Saleh ibn Fawzan ibn Abdullah Al-Fawzaan)

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ISBN: None
Author: Sheikh Dr. Saleh ibn Fawzan ibn Abdullah Al-Fawzaan
Publisher: DuSunnah Publications (September 2012)
Pages: 92 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

From the causes of separation and differing is listening to liars and slanderers, and to false rumors and propagation which the weak in faith, hypocrites and bias propagate within, those who do not want us to be united upon a single faith and religion.

This is why it is compulsory upon us to verify narrations and to not make haste, as Allah the Exalted has ordered us to verify narrations in that which is specific to the general people of Islamic society, and has made the affairs of public safety, war and the general affairs return specifically to the leaders and scholars.

So there are affairs which are specific to the leaders and the scholars of the Islamic society, and as for the general person, then it is not befitting for him to enter in these issues, as they are not his concern. And if the general person were allowed to enter into theses affairs this would cause corruption.”
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