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The Book of Tawheed Explained : Kitab At-Tawheed : New and Revised 3rd Edition (By Muhammad Ibn Abdul-Wahhab)

The Book of Tawheed Explained : Kitab At-Tawheed : New and Revised 3rd Edition (By Muhammad Ibn Abdul-Wahhab)

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ISBN: 9786035010788
Author: Muhammad Ibn Abdul-Wahhab; Sameh Strauch (compiler, editor, translator)
Publisher: International Islamic Publishing House
Pages: 400 Binding: Hardcover

Description from the publisher:

“There is none worthy of worship other than Allah.” This fundamental Islamic statement of faith sums up the concept of tawheed, or perfect monotheism. That there is one and only one God is the basis of all monotheistic religion. Yet, despite the simplicity of this belief, many people who claim to believe in one divine Creator have fallen into errors which negate their testimony of faith.

Back in the 12th Century H (18th Century CE), the author felt compelled to write this book because he saw Muslims who had corrupted their beliefs and actions by that with contradicted the pure monotheistic positions of Islam. He witnessed the religious veneration of historical sites and graves, supplications made for the intercession of deceased saints, belief in omens, distortions of the meaning of Allah’s names and attributes, and the use of expressions which contradict the belief in Allah’s Oneness. In an effort to purify Islam from this falsehood, the esteemed shaykh collected proofs from the Noble Qur’an and the teaching of Allah’s Messenger to explain all aspects of true monotheism.

Sameh Strauch has rendered this famous text into an English translation that is unique in its clarity. Each bit of textual evidence is followed immediately by an explanation of its points of benefit. Where needed for additional clarification, Strauch adds information from recognized Arabic commentaries on Kitab at-Tawheed, making this book an invaluable guide to understanding the fundamental Islamic creed.


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