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Astrophysics and the Holy Qur'an (Abdul Rashid Khan)

Astrophysics and the Holy Qur'an (Abdul Rashid Khan)

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ISBN: 9780206656652
Author: Abdul Rashid Khan
Publisher: Darussalam Publishers (2012)
Pages: 248 Binding: Hardcover

Description from the publisher:

We are living now-a-days in the age of science. The intelligent human beings want to know: Where did they come from? Where did the universe come from? Will the universe come to an end? Is the universe static or dynamic, if dynamic, is it expanding or contracting? What is time? When was it started? Will it come to an end? What are black holes? What are the forces of nature? What is the smallest piece of matter? What is the status of man in the universe? Are there ultimate limits for human beings to know about something? The majority of people especially in the third world are unable to answer these questions when asked.


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