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Distortions About Islam in the West (Prof. Muhammad Imran)

Distortions About Islam in the West (Prof. Muhammad Imran)

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ISBN: None
Author: Prof. Muhammad Imran
Publisher: Malik Sirajuddin and Sons (October 1978)
Pages: 360 Binding: Hardcover

Description from the publisher:


The distortions, lies, and slanders about Islam and Muslims spread abroad by Western scholars, writers, and leaders stem not from truth, but from hatred and hostility. For more than a thousand years, Christian Europe completed with the Muslim East in a life and death struggle for universal supremacy. The West hates and fears Islam because it is the only rival to would power which it has ever encountered in its history, openly confronting everything in its philosophy and way of life that it stands for. The numerous books in English and other European languages and the attention Islam has received in Western institutions of learning are sufficient proof of the fact the West regards the Muslim world, even in its decadence, as of sufficient importance to require special attention and study. The products of the Orientalists cannot be acceptable to Muslims because they have judged Islam and Muslim society according to their own peculiar cultural values and ideas. These distortions are inevitable so long as Islam is judged according to foreign standards wholly alien to its outlook and spirit, inspired by hatred, fear, and vindictiveness.

On the following pages, the learned author has attempted to refute the most common and widespread Western misconceptions about Islam. For these sincere and selfless efforts in this direction, he merits the favor of Allah, both hear and hereafter.


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